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Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) From data to intelligence in a few clicks

What is IaaS Platform?

  • Collect and archive public data from social media, auction sites and online discussion forums.

  • Unveil information you need by various searching functions including text, image and auction.

  • Offer automated monitoring with alerts and reports.

  • Convert complex data to intelligence which is vital to your business.

  • Provide innovative user profiling module for full analysis on your target entity in the cyberspace.

Why IaaS Platform?


Show keywords mentioned by the target entity

Post statistics

Show the no of posts and no of comments/replies of the post over time

Similarity Analysis

Find out accounts with similar behavior with target entity by comparing the keywords

Post-Reply relationships.

Dig out the interaction between the target entity and other users

Top users

List the top user accounts that interact with the target entity

Like and share counts

Show the no of likes and shares within specific time period

Exclusive Image Search

  • Search text in images to dig out opinion expressed in photo or illustration

  • Search image of product, people or any objects that you target at 

Fully Automated Monitoring

  • 7x24 auto patrol over cyberspace

  • Alerts by email or mobile app

  • Investigation reports in html and CSV formats

Innovative Social Media Profiling

  • Build complete profile for an online entity

  • Everything you need to know about an online entity including statistics, wordgraph, similarity analysis and post/reply analysis to find out interaction between the target entity and the others.

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Case Study: How can IaaS platform helps your business?

Protect your brand against piracy

Social Listening

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