Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) From data to intelligence in a few clicks

What is IaaS Platform?

  • Collect and archive public data from social media, auction sites and online discussion forums.

  • Unveil information you need by various searching functions including text, image and auction.

  • Offer automated monitoring with alerts and reports.

  • Convert complex data to intelligence which is vital to your business.

  • Provide innovative user profiling module for full analysis on your target entity in the cyberspace.

Why IaaS Platform?

Exclusive Image Search

  • Search text in images to dig out opinion expressed in photo or illustration

  • Search image of product, people or any objects that you target at 

Fully Automated Monitoring

  • 7x24 auto patrol over cyberspace

  • Alerts by email or mobile app

  • Investigation reports in html and CSV formats

Innovative Social Media Profiling

  • Build complete profile for an online entity

  • Everything you need to know about an online entity including statistics, wordgraph, similarity analysis and post/reply analysis to find out interaction between the target entity and the others.

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Case Study: How can IaaS platform helps your business?

Protect your brand against piracy

Social Listening

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